Prenatal & postpartum

Rehabilitation & Fitness

As active women ourselves, we have a desire to serve the specific needs of our female clients. We understand the importance of being active before and after childbirth and have the experience to work with you and your medical team to ensure you are staying active and pain free as safely as possible. At Physiolete Therapy and Performance we offer Physical Therapy, Wellness, and Performance services for the following conditions:

back pain

Low Back pain

disc herniation

Disc herniation



SACROILIAC dysfunction

Sacroiliac dysfunction

Diastasis recti

Diastasis recti

pelvic pain

Pelvic girdle pain

carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome




Body mechanics



fitness heart

Specialized fitness

Specialized rehabilitation & fitness

Programming for Female
Specific Conditions


Post mastectomy






Female athlete triad



What Our Customers Are Saying

Success Story

Physiolete Customer

I highly recommend Physiolete Therapy and Performance. I have been going for a couple of weeks now and can already feel improvement in my shoulder. They are very professional, knowledgeable and patient as they demonstrate each exercise for me. The entire staff is friendly and it is such a supportive environment. I am sure I have a lot of physical therapy in my future as I try to stay very active after 50. I will definitely use them again after my shoulder and wrist get better.

Success Story

Lauren and Nada (and their team) are very friendly, detailed and thorough. My husband had a knee surgery and I did postpartum therapy after having a baby- both of us have went to them for PT- and they have helped us so much. We also love how they educate you each step of the way till you reach your goal. They are top notch! I cant recommend them enough!

Success Story

After a bicycle accident in which I landed on my right hip, cracking my pelvis, I was sent to Physiolete to begin therapy. I was very fortunate to have Nadia work with me. She ask plenty of questions about the injury so she could prepare the best plan for recovery. Since this was the first visit, fresh off the accident, she was cautious about too much mobility and responded to my reaction as how to proceed with each movement. I felt very comfortable and protected with her and I am more than confident in her abilities to guide me through future sessions and eventually back to full recovery. Thank you for your professionalism! Jeff

Success Story

I refuse to go anywhere else for physical therapy--the team at Physiolete is the absolute best! I'll never forget Lauren getting to the root of a weird injury that no other physical therapist could crack (and which everyone else had given up on). She has helped me overcome multiple chronic injuries to get me back on the track/court quickly, which I greatly appreciate. The entire team is warm and highly knowledgeable. I can't recommend them enough!

Success Story

Fantastic experience with these folks. I came in presenting with a shoulder issue, but they figured out that it was a neck/spine issue, or neck/spine/shoulder combined issue really, and put together a treatment plan that has really worked. I've done 4 sessions now, and I have much less pain and swelling and way more range of motion than I did before. I have enjoyed working with Sydney, Lauren, and Zahra, and while I'm glad I am healing, I will definitely miss them!

Success Story

I am so impressed with the expertise and professionalism of the therapists! The welcoming environment, the positive reinforcement, the individualized care and the encouragement all contribute to continued progress toward my recovery -- which has already been significant. They are genuinely concerned about me as an individual, and they make me feel heard and respected at all times. The intake process was smooth and easy, and the staff are pleasant and helpful. It's the perfect place for me.

Success Story

Lauren and Nadia and the entire team are great! They've teamed up and gotten me through various issues and challenges and put me back together better than I've been in years. (I didn't know I was so far off until they got going and I saw how much better I've gotten.) My PT is still a work in progress, but the results are there already.

If you need PT for whatever reason, these folks need to be your first, and only, stop. You won't be sorry. Success is gauged by results; my results speak for themselves. (As a bonus for their abilities, they're good enough that many schools entrust their DPT candidates/students to come to them for their clinical rotations.)

Success Story

Nadia and her team are very detailed, patient and make each and every patient feel valued. Making sure I reach my goal is their top priority. I am pleased with my homework exercises, they help keep me on track.

Success Story

Everyone at Physiolete is very friendly, extremely thorough, and genuinely concerned about their patients. The atmosphere is always positive and the building is always very clean. I can definitely feel a difference since I have been going there for PT. I’m glad I decided to to go to Physiolete and I really enjoy it!

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