Physiolete Invitation Tournament - #HAMPS4HOOPS

Physiolete Invitation Tournament - #HAMPS4HOOPS


In light of the recent group gathering cancellations, temporary business closings, and other social distancing recommendations Physiolete Therapy and Performance has decided to host its first-ever Physiolete Invitation Tournament (PIT).


Physiolete is inviting YOU to play #HAMPS4HOOPS, a highly modified version of basketball in which you will be shooting laundry (clean of course) into a hamper instead of a hoop. Physiolete will be donating $5 per each entry to the West Alabama Food Bank where every $1.00 donated equates to 6 meals for those in need!


Similar to the NCAA tournament, games will be played single-elimination style. We are looking for an even number of participants ranging from 2-64 entries. Each participant will be required to submit a video by midnight THIS Friday 3/20 to [email protected].


#HAMPS4HOOPS Standards:


    • Walk 10 steps away from your CLEAN laundry hamper and drop your CLEAN socks in front of you to establish your free throw line
    • Socks must be unpaired
    • Challenge: score as many hamper baskets with your unpaired socks in 15 seconds
    • Make sure you have an audible timer, Physiolete will also be timing submissions to ensure the 15-second rule is being followed
    • You can only shoot one sock at a time, if two socks are scored at once only one will can be counted
    • Baskets made with obvious foot faults on/over the free throw line will not be counted
    • Socks must be completely in the hamper to count, no rim shots!

    “Selection Sunday” Video Submission Rules:

      • Must submit your “Selection Sunday” video by midnight THIS Friday (3/20) to [email protected]
      • Entry caps at 64 participants in the order of submission
      • This video will be used for tournament seeding, so give your best!
      • Include your name and the team you are representing in the subject of the email
      • We are recommending that you represent a spring sports team in honor of the cancellations
      • Physiolete will broadcast the bracket seeding on “Selection Sunday” (3/22) to Instagram and Facebook, participants will also be notified of game day and competition via e-mail.

      Our hope is that #HOOPS4HAMPS brings some joy and laughter in the midst of challenging times. Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. We are praying for everyone affected by Coronavirus! #MarchMadness #PhysioleteInvitationTournament #itshampertime