5 Reasons You Should be Using a Barbell to Train

5 Reasons You Should be Using a Barbell to Train

 Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash 


Whether you are a powerlifter, Olympic lifter, bodybuilder, CrossFitter, involved in a competitive sport, or you are just trying to stay in shape--there is no doubt that barbell training is certainly an asset to not only your overall fitness, but also your quality of life. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using a Barbell to train, adopted from Mark Rippetoe’s, “Starting Strength” 3rd Edition.

    1. Barbells allow you to train your body in a functional manner. Barbells, unlike machines that isolate body parts, allow you to train the body as a complete system. Think about it, in what sport do you isolate ONLY your quadriceps or ONLY your hamstrings? While machines certainly have their place in a rehabilitative setting, barbells will give you more bang for your rep.
    2. Barbells allow you to train your neuromuscular system. Consider the leg press machine vs. performing some variation of a barbell squat. The barbell will not only increase closed kinetic chain strength of the lower extremities, but it will also increase proprioception (balance), coordination, and core stabilization as one is having to maintain good vertical posture against gravity. 
    3. Barbells provide varying degrees of skeletal load. Similar to skeletal muscle adaptation to load, bone also becomes stronger in response to resistance training against gravity. This is particularly important for women who have low bone density, are post-menopausal, and/or suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis. 
    4. The barbell is economical. There are hundreds of exercises that can be performed with a barbell, and only minimal equipment and space are required. Let’s do the math: one barbell + hundreds of exercises = a lot less money than a gym full of machines. A barbell also fits nicely in your garage or home gym.
    5. Barbell training can change your life...if you know how to use it appropriately. Rippetoe states that the biggest problem in barbell training is the overwhelming majority of people using it do not know how to use it correctly. 

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